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We Are Tree Workers for Tree Workers

Dedicated to the safety, education, and advancement of the Hispanic tree worker.

The Hispanic Arborist Association was formed to help and assist in the proper training of individuals that may be overlooked due to the English language barrier. We are dedicated to the safety, education and advancement of the men and women in the tree care industry.

We believe in our Hispanic work force and with adequate training and mentoring, we can be an even bigger asset to our employers. We also believe in a strong work ethic, and if given the opportunity, we can be a loyal employee that can represent our employer in a professional manner.

In our seminars, you will learn new and advanced climbing techniques and the proper use of special equipment. We offer certification classes, such as:

  • Pruning
  • First Aid/CPR
  • Aerial Rescue
  • Cabling & Bracing
  • Rigging for Removal
  • Climbing Techniques
  • Tree Disease Diagnosis
  • Certified Aerial Lift Operator
  • HAA’s Certified Tree Workers Programs

Our instructors are board-certified master arborists, ISA certified arborists, WCISA certified tree workers, Altec certified aerial lift experts, American Red Cross certified educators, and CTSP professionals that will be conducting our training sessions. All our educators have many years of field experience as arborists, supervisors, or company owners. We have been there and done that…probably twice!

We also provide our members with additional benefits. We have competition climbers helping our participants and lots of climbing gear to display at our seminars. If there is new gear available, we have it at our disposal and know how to use it! In addition, we hold an annual tree climbing competition where our friends & family can see the kind of work we do.

Work Safe!

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